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Reggae Artist Steven Mystery lead singer for the Mighty Iceberg Band has developed loyal follows in USA, the Caribbean and England through consistent live musical delivering via the internet and fueled by some of Belize and Jamaica most experience Reggae musicians. 

The buzz is strong for the Mighty Iceberg new music, with reality lyrics and Rasta message to cool all vibes. Respect.

The Mighty Iceberg is Belizean reggae musical artist, Steven Smith, who has been a legend in the Los Angeles Caribbean music scene since the 1970's. A classic bass player since the legendary Belizean artist days, bredda David, who lived in the Los Angeles Belizean Community,

The Mighty Iceberg is rated amongst some the best Belizean reggae artists and musicians of his time. A cool and humble brother who sings a melodic alto, his incredible album, Meeting Time, is graced by some of Belize's best musicians like Bamiki Bandula's, Carl McGregor on bass, and Delbert McGregor on drums.

The 2006 musical release by Smith had passed by many reggae music lovers who missed one of the most well played and produced reggae albums of that year. Still filled with reggae hit tracks with a global appeal, the track, It's Alright, touches the feel of the Belizean Brukdong genre with a reggae spin, as The Mighty Iceberg remembers his Belizean roots and culture. A must have musical collection with a serious vocal quality and musical performance from the man they called, Mighty Iceberg, Steven Smith.
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