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Mighty Iceberg music are available on on music platforms and social media.  Reggae Music Mixes also availabe for that special event or just want to party on the beach alone or with friends.  Reggae / Caribbean Music / Reggae and Soca Band. Los Angeles, CA

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We invite you to explore our many options on hoodies, hats, T-Shirts, Mugs and even our custom design sections to suit your taste.

We Welcome your ideas, suggestions and comments. Please feel free to emails us at


Reggae music brings a certain vibe to one's soul, so feel free to browse our music library to select what makes you groove.

We provide you with many payment options and will make more available to you.


 My online music publication details with a lifestyle section, review highlights up and coming talented artists I will be working with and to keep you abreast of my journey as a musician.  Hear what's new about music news, reviews, and have some  occasional video and interviews...


Interested in getting one of Mighty Iceberg special music mix for your  events or even needed a location for your special event? Let's Talk.​

“He’s landed in California but the Mighty Iceberg brings his happy Roots Reggae direct from Belize — home to a thriving Rastafarian culture. His voice is deep and romantic as it glides over crisp, laid-back tracks. ”
Jessy Terry – A V N

“ WOODEN ARROW/ I appreciate the message in your songs. I especially like your song Suffering and I agree that riches are meant to be shared as so many with means hoard what they have; never giving thought to their brothers and sisters who are in need. Thank you my new friend. ”
Debbie Rivers – Wise View

“The Mighty Iceberg is a force to recond with, his music is internationally known to cool vibes down. Love is the way. Give thanks all times.”
Fas tan Bob Fari – Commentary Weekly.

“Reggae music is the life line river of free speech and righteousness, Speak up for your rights.”
Iman Jahman – Jaman Weekly

“I did not even know we had received this CD, but was pleasantly surprised to find it in the bottomless pit of CD`S, which seems to breed when i am not looking. I have seen the name around, Mighty Iceberg, so I was eager to unwrap it and give it a listen. My initial though was. ”
Ras Isac – Int Music & Radio

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